Bringing together two great things... TFLN and BtVS.

All texts here come from TFLN and all screencaps come from Screencap Paradise or are made by yours truly.

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Anonymous asked
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biggestbadsaddestsad asked

Even my boyfriend is laughing, and I'm still working on his Buffy/Angel fan-ness, lol

Thank you so much! Here soon I’ll even have more to post, so keep watching! I swear this will be updated, everyone!

putxxx asked
i love you please be my friend

Of course! But only if you’ll be mine! <333

TFSD is back!

Hey, everyone! I know the “mini” hiatus went a little longer than expected, sorry! But everything should be good now! There are some things queued up for you and you should be getting your daily dose of TFSD soon.